Sunday, October 3, 2010

post season predictions

My predictions for the upcoming season.

Based upon my pre-season predictions, I picked 3 out of the four NL participants, not seeing the emergence of the Reds. In the AL, I predicted 2 out of the four, suprised by the Rays and Rangers. Really, if the Sox hadn't been hit by the worst injury outbreak that I have ever witnessed, they probably would still be playing.

Phils over reds in three.
Giants over braves in four.

Phils over Giants in five.

Twins over Yanks in five.
Rays over Rangers in five.

Rays over Twins in six.

Phils over Rays in five.

This year, I actually have some sense of reason for being a homer.

Baseball Regular Season Predictions

Well, as promised, a followup to my regular season predictions. I'll keep my original predicted order, original predictions, final results, (final order), and games I was off by.


Phillies, 91-71, 97-65, six

Braves 89-73, 91-71, two

Marlins 84-78, 80-82, four

Mets 81-81, 79-83, two

Nats 71-91, 69-93, two


Cards 90-72, 86-76 (2nd place), four

Cubs 85-77, 75-87 (5th place), ten

Brewers 84-78, 77-85, seven

Reds 78-84, 91-71 (1st place), thirteen

Astros 77-85, 76-86 (4th place), one

Pirates 63-99, 57-105, six


Giants 87-75, 92-70 (1st), five

Rockies 86-76, 83-79 (3rd), three

Dodgers 85-77, 80-82 (4th), five

Diamondbacks 74-88, 65-97, (5th), eleven

Padres 71-91, 90-72 (2nd), nineteen


Sox 95-67, 89-73 (3rd place), six

Yanks 94-68, 95-67, one

Rays 85- 77, 96-66 (1st place), nine

O's 70-92, 66-96 (5th place), four

Jays 68-94,85-77 (4th place), seventeen


Twins 88-74, 94-68, six

Tigers 86-76, 81-81 (3rd), five

W. Sox 82-80, 88-74 (2nd), six

Royals 71-91, 67-95 (5th), four

Indians 66-96, 69-93 (4th), three


Angels 85-77, 80-82, (3rd), five

M's 83-79, 61-101, (4th), twenty-two

Rangers 81-81, 90-72 (1st), nine

A's 79-83, 81-81 (2nd), two

Fuve Biggest Swings and Misses:

Mariners, 22 off, signings didn't pan out, no offense.

Padres, 19, wow. good for them. good pitching. Maybe they will build on it.

blue Jays, 17. Good for them. Especially in a tough AL east

Reds, 13. They proved me wrong. Good job!

Diamondbacks, 11. Who cares.

My next post will be postseason predictions. I have to give it about 45 seconds of deep thought.