Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wicked Awesome

This past Monday, my wife and I celebrated seven years of marriage. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am deeply honored to parent alongside her.

Our anniversary turned into "Anniversary Weekend Festivities" thanks to Aurie's mom.

We were able to spend a fun day in New Hope, the quaint local town across the river which whenever we drive through, we say to one another that we have to mosey throughout. Well, we did, and it was great.

We were able to spend a night at the Woolverton Inn, a delightful Inn in Stockton. Many props to Carolyn for her fine work as innkeeper. It is a wonderful of those places in life where you feel God's Spirit dwell because of the unique beauty that dwells in that space.

And then up to Bean town. We were able to see a Phils/Red Sox game, which was fun. This was after a tour of Fenway Park (in which I was able to touch the Green Monstah), and a fun time at the park's outdoor pregame celebrations.

We were also able to walk around downtown for several hours. Our hotel was downtown, and that was a really great experience. We both really love Boston.

During our last night in town, we were sitting at an outdoor tavern waiting for our dinner, when who walks by but Brian Schubmehl, an old friend from Western New York. I only know about 5 people who live in Boston, but one of them walks by when we are having dinner. How delightful is that?

So all in all, Boston is a great place to explore in God's great world. A cradle of liberty in our nation's history, wonderful architecture and great site-seeing, plus the Sox. I highly recommend Boston for everyone to visit. And since they have added the big dig, (route 93, underground through town), even the traffic wasn't bad...

well, I shouldn't get too carried away.

Thanks to Elder Dan Serlenga from Lambertville, who led worship and allowed me the peace of knowing the worship service was in good hands.

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