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Notes: The Real Reason We Are Members

The Real Reason We Are Members                                     3/20/16

Matthew 21:1-11, 28-32


In 2016, we’ve been talking about Membership:

--In the Body of Christ, with Jesus as Lord and Head of the Church

--with a Historical Presbyterian understanding, some 227 years old, which called upon Scripture and deeply-rooted theology.

Today, we lift up:

The real reason we can begin to speak about membership.

We are members of Christ’s body only because of:

The Will of God.  The work of Christ.  The wisdom of the Spirit.

We gather today at the start of Holy Week.  We speak today about membership in Christ’s body as we enter into

Triumphal Entry

Last Supper

The cross

Empty grave. 

Truly a Holy Week.

With great humility, we can start to understand ourselves.  We are members because of:

God’s Will

It is the will of God:

--To restore human beings to right relationship

--To bring back the children of God

--That we have a part and role in God’s will for the creation

--Membership is accomplished solely by and for the glory of God


 With great humility, we can start to understand ourselves.  We are members because of:

Christ’s Work

Christ’s work this Holy Week was

--to declare he was King to Israel and Rome.  (when he declared his kingship, people celebrated!)

--to offer himself to his Father’s will as the sacrifice for sins, as only he was able to be satisfactory

--To die

--To be raised to new life


With great humility, we can start to understand ourselves.  We are members because of:

The Spirit’s Wisdom

it is only the power of God's Spirit, we do not conjure up a relationship

Right relationship with God is not self-effort, good works or self-initiated.

The Holy Spirit reveals the knowledge of God.  No one knows the mind of God except the Spirit of God.

Psalm 118:
These things are marvelous in our eyes

I Corinthians 2:

No eye has seen, no ear has heard no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared…these things God has revealed to us by His Spirit.

Types of Responses

 21:6  The Disciples went and did as Jesus instructed them.

          The simplest and best response for Christian discipleship


21:32:   If you do not choose that model, we are still invited

          Repent and Believe


Two sons:   neither is a perfect son, but it is obvious that to repent and do something later is better than the second son’s behavior.  In this sense, a vow not fulfilled is inappropriate way to relate.

(via Marc Hays, Classical Conversations, Lent:  Baby Steps Toward Maturity)
Church seasons as a book within a room.  While focusing on reading, you might see other objects in a room out of the corner of your eye, but your focus remains in front of you.   Church seasons help us focus.

          Lent:  to pray and repent

          Holy Week:  to be still and silent before God.


Ecclesiastes 5:   let your words be few.


If this week, you look to the Son and believe, you will have life.  Stand in awe of God, and his wondrous works.

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