Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Survey of America and Religion

Bold and 20 point font bullet points signifies potential test-questions.

1620 Pilgrims arrive in North America
1634 Lord Baltimore settles Maryland as a haven for R. Catholics

1647 Rhode Island drafts civil code including a separation of church and state.

1654 First Jewish immigrants arrive in New Amsterdam
1660 Celebrating Christmas in Massachusetts is illegal, and people were fined 5 schillings.
1683 Mennonites from Germany arrive, strong separation of church and state, simple lifestyle and pacificism.
1692 Salem Witch Trials
1707 Baptists organize first inter-colony organization 1730 First synagogue built
1730’s the Great Awakening-first wave of religious revival (Jonathan Edwards)
1757 Philadelphia Quakers ban slaveholding among its members
1771 Francis Asbury introduces circuit riding as a preaching method, serving 30-40 communities.
1776 9 of 13 original colonies have established religions.
1780 Philadelphia Quakers admit African Americans as members.

1786 Thomas Jefferson-Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, defeats idea of states established religion, includes the phrase, “wall of separation around church and state”. Example: Patrick Henry wanted taxes to sponsor a state religion.

1790’s 2nd Great Awakening (movement from Calvinist theology to free will)—second wave of revivalism

1791, Bill of Rights ratified, first amendment includes the freedom of religion.

1808 Elizabeth Bayley Seton finds Sisters of Carity of St. Joseph in Baltimore (1975 first US saint)
1824 Reformed Society of Israelites, forerunner of Reformed Judaism, founded in South Carolina . Advocates, shorter sermons (in English), and mixed seating of men and women.
1830 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints founded in Fayette , NY by Joseph Smith.
1844 South and Northern Baptists split over issue of slavery. The south forms the Southern Baptist Convention (1990—largest protestant church body)
1847 Large pockets of Morman population move from Missouri to Salt Lake City under the leadership of Brigham Young.
1866 Mary Baker Eddy begins Christian Science church, emphasizing faith healing.
1880 Salvation Army begins
1880’s growth of parochial schools in Maryland , protecting immigrant’s children from secular schools.
1890’s third wave of revivalism (Billy Sunday, opposed Darwinism, embraced prohibition, ends with Scopes Monkey Trial verdict) personal holiness and complete surrender to God is a key theme.
1901 Pentecostal faith is born in Kansas at a gathering at a Bible College , students start speaking in tongues. The Social Gospel movement grows, applying Christ’s teachings to social problems.
1909 Fundamentalism grows in popularity with the Schofield reference Bible, teaching Dispensationalism.
1916 Stephen Wise, Reform rabbi, organized American Jewish Congress, lobbying for more liberal immigration policies in light of the first world war.
1918 Aimee Semple McPherson begins a religious broadcast.
1926 Father Charles Coughlin begins radio show in Detroit . By 1930, has an audience of 40 million people. But is eventually silenced by the Bishop of Detroit for anti-Semitic and anti-government sermons.
1930, The Black Muslims group is formed in Detroit . (eventually becomes Nation of Islam)
1940 Supreme Court rules that Jehovah’s Witnesses right to religion is protected by first amendment like other religions would be.
1950 The National Council of Churches is formed.
1950’s fourth wave of revivalism, Billy Graham, puts evangelicals in political conversation.
1954 Dwight Eisenhower adds “under God” to the pledge of Allegience.

1955 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. leads Montgomery bus boycott, the first encounter of the modern civil rights movement.

1962 Supreme Court bans mandated prayer in public schools as unconstitutional.
1960’s-70’s, woman become ordained in many mainline denominations and Reformed Judaism.
1974 Jim Baker creates PTL: Praise the Lord ministry, which becomes multi-million dollar organization.
1979 Moral Majority founded by Jerry Falwell, reaching an audience of 20 million listeners.
1980’s More Christians are evangelical than protestant.

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