Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Additional examples of the Greatness of Baseball

Three examples of why Baseball is the greatest of sports gifts...

1. Dallas Braden, perfect game.
For only the 19th time in baseball history, a perfect game was thrown. Basically, every 5 years, a perfect game is thrown...pretty unique when compared to how many games are played.

2. Jamie Moyer, Hall of Famer???.
Upon returning from the Trenton Thunder game on Friday, I turned on the TV to see that 47 year old Jamie Moyer threw a 2 hit shut out, becoming the oldest player ever to throw a shutout. He keeps on keeping on. I've said it before, it will be interesting if Jamie Moyer makes the Hall of Fame. Technically, he is below caliber, that is, he has been good for a long time, but great for only a season or two. But, 300 games is the magic number, and if he hangs on (and with the Phillies scoring 9 runs a game, why not?), he would get in. He also should be considered for being the first pitcher (besides Satchell Paige) to throw this late in life at a professional level...generations from now, when technology allows a 50 year old to be common among the players, they will look back at old Jamie Moyer.

3. Trenton Thunder moment.
A passed ball bounced off the backstop and rolled directly back to the pitcher...didn't have to move a step. How many millions of pitches have I seen in my life...and never saw that! That is what I love about baseball.

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