Tuesday, May 11, 2010

School Boards and Community Gardens

An update on my endeavors in the world of "state" as opposed to church...

My semester finished up at Kean. As always, the students were a pleasure, and I had a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to a change in the routine and the summer break. By August, I'll be excited to get back into the return of the semester.

I was elected to the Stockton Board of Education on April 20th. I ran uncontested, but every citizen is so angry with any type of authority or government spending, I am kind of suprised I was voted in at all.

It was Locke who reminded the people to overthrow the government which was not working...but calm down people...I just started :)

The first meeting of the Board was fine. Yes, we had to trim some money off of the defeated budget, but all in all, Stockton School does a fine job of spending its money, and doesn't waste it. The meeting, which beforehand I was warned could last well into the night, was done by 9:50. Not too bad. We were almost done by 8:55, but the last line on the docket always gets ya.

And in my role in rounding up volunteers for the Community Garden, we are planting summer crops this Saturday at 10am. Pretty cool!!! We already have cool crops like beets, lettuce, okra, peas and kale in the ground (and the seeds are coming up). This Saturday, we'll plant the good tasting vegetables.

I think the garden is going to be successful. I know that one of the Elementary School classes is going to help out. Some pretty neat partnerships are going to form. Gardening is one of the great gifts of life. And in this culture, people are looking for life-giving endeavors and networks to associate with. The Garden is Growing!!!

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