Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tom Napatano, I'm pulling for you

One of my students last semester was a proud Jets fan. And I was very happy for him when the Jets went to the championship game. Tom had enjoyed my baseball predictions (which I will review at seasons end) and I told him that I also would make football predictions (which I will also review at season's end).


Jets 9-7, I'm not sold on Sanchez yet.

Patriots 9-7, Will the defense be there?

Dolphins 9-7, Heading in the right direction.

Bills 6-10, I wish they were heading in the right direction*


Ravens 10-6, Better offensive team than defensive?

Bengals 9-7, hot pick, but like the Reds this past spring, prove it (which they are!)

Steelers 8-8, I think Ben's 4 game suspension hurts them.

Browns 7-9, I think they are getting better.


Colts 11-5, should be fine.

Titans 9-7, Vince Young does win. We'll see.

Texans 8-8, should be .500, again

Jaguars 5-11. Probably will win the super bowl.


Chargers 10-6, Leader in talent and crazy troubles.

Chiefs 8-8, getting better.

Raiders 8-8, getter better.

Broncos 6-10, not getting better.

*I used to live in Western NY and know how important the Bills are to that region. I hope I am wrong. Every year there is at least one or two suprise teams.


1. Colts 2. Chargers 3. Ravens 4. Jets 5. Bengals 6. Patriots

Ravens crush Patriots. Again.

Jets crush Bengals. Again.

Chargers beat the Ravens 13-12.

Colts beat the Jets, 31-28.

Chargers beat the Colts. 38-31.


Cowboys 10-6. Can't honestly pick my Eagles above them.

Eagles 9-7. I liked McNabb. But I am also ready for Kolb.

Giants 8-8. Could be better...can't look at them objectively.

Redskins 8-8 McNabb helps, but they need another year.


Packers 10-6. Heading in right direction.

Vikings 9-7. Favre misses 4 games to injury.

Lions 7-9. heading in right direction.

Bears 5-11, see Broncos.


Saints 10-6, won't be as good, but won't be bad either.

Panthers 8-8, they are good every other year, just like the jints.

Falcons 7-9, see Bengals.

Buccaneers 4-12 who knows? Literally, who is on this team?


49ers 10-6, I like Mike. Singletary.

Seahawks 8-8, I don't know.

Cardinals 8-8. I don't know.

Rams 3-13. I know.

1. Saints 2. Packers 3. Cowboys. 4. 49ers 5. Vikings 6. Eagles

Eagles pull the upset (Look for a Cowboys win in playoffs the following year)

49ers get payback for crazy favre throw last year.

Eagles get creamed by the Saints. 31-14

49ers lose to Pack, my wife cries. 21-20

Saints beat the Pack in a thriller, 37-34

Superbowl: Chargers over the Saints 27-24.

I think that the NFL is so unpredictable. In fact, sometimes I really get annoyed with the NFL because of that. But I'll go a little safe this year, nothing crazy.

So don't be suprised when the Jaguars beat the Redskins 42-28 to win the Superbowl.

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