Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeremiah: the Weeping Prophet

Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet 3/20/11
1:4-19, Lamentations 3:13-33, John 3:1-17

We all know the power of words. A Prophet is one who speaks and proclaims the Word of God. Yes, they live and act out the parable of faith through their daily life, and their living becomes an illustration for the people of faith. But mostly, it is their words that are remembered. Their powerful words change us even today.

Story of Scripture:
Last week, the prophets and their books are introduced: there are 17 prophetic books. Isaiah: Works Back to the Future.
Jeremiah: The past gives birth to the present.

God’s Call:
--Chosen before created
--Set apart before birth
--Prophet to the Nations

Jeremiah’s Response:
--I do not know how to speak
--I am only a boy

God’s Answer:
--Don’t say “I am only a boy” (if your going to give God and excuse, at least come up with a good one)
--Go where I say and say what I command
--Don’t be afraid of people
--I will protect you

God’s Action:
--touches Jeremiah’s mouth: I am putting words into you
--You are in charge of nations
--Pull up, tear down, destroy, overthrow, build up and plant
God’s Picture:
--Almond Tree: a sign of spring, especially in the dark days of winter
--Boiling Water: as impending judgment

How Judgment Looks:
--foreign thrones established around the city
--walls, gates and cities torn down
--evil was turning away from God
--evil was offering sacrifices to other gods

End of the Conversation Brings Us Back to God’s Call

God’s Call:
1. Get Ready
2. Stand up and tell everything God says
3. Don’t be afraid of people (or God will make you afraid of people)
4. I will make you strong
5. You will stand before everyone
6. They will fight you but not defeat you
7. Because I am with you.

Is this not also our call?


--great faithfulness of God emerges out of great difficulty
--good to work out your salvation: quietly, diligently, alone at times, and with humility

John: What Would Jesus Say?
· New Birth for a New Kingdom
· New Birth is a spiritual act (of the Holy Spirit)
· Faith and believe for what: everlasting life
· Encounter the great love of God shown in Jesus Christ

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