Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLB 2011

Yes folks, this morning starts a glorious day in the year: the baseball season. And because I cannot sleep, I will now make my baseball predictions for the year. As always, we will check in after the regular season to see how I did. And this year, if I am terribly wrong, i can blame the lack of sleep. The hot pick this year is some version of the Red Sox and Phillies, which happen to be the teams my wife and I, respectively, root for. I predicted them last year to meet, and it didn't happen, so I hope the hot picks are correct this year. As for me, last year I picked the Sox, because I thought they had the deeper pitching staff. But can you say "Cliff Lee"? National League East Phils 96-66, pitching wins despite the offense aging Braves 92-70, just a notch below Mets 81-81, I don't think they are as bad as others do Marlins 81-81, They should be better than this, just a hunch Nats 70-92, They shouldn't be better than this, just a hunch Central Reds 89-73, nice nucleus of talent Brewers 88-74, a little unsure of pitching, unlike many Cards 84-78, sure, why not? Cubs 83-79, like I need an exciting division race to watch Baseball Tonight? Astros 66-96, not feeling it Pirates 63-99, not feeling it, then add a "really" before the sentence West Giants 90-72, champs until dethroned Rockies 89-73, i hope to not see them in September Dodgers 79-81, too much drama Padres 77-85, too little drama D-backs 68-94, too little talent Playoffs: Giants over Braves (again) Phils over Reds (again) Phils over Giants (I wish I could write, again) American League East Boston 92-70, East is more balanced this year, Don't see the extremes in records Yanks 89-73, will trade for a pitcher before deadline. Rays 85-77, good, solid season, despite losing free agents Jay 82-80, little weak in pitching Orioles 77-85, improving under Showalter, but how do they break into top 3? Central Twins 90-72, always seem solid Tigers 90-72, why not another Tigers/Twins epic finish? Sox 81-81, I really don't know Royals, 66-96, the LA CLippers of baseball Indians 64-98, I don't see the talent West Rangers 83-79, win by default A's 81-81, I'm not as excited as everyone else Angels 80-82, a second year of Angels struggling? wow! M's 75-87, a second year of M's struggling? { } ( don't put wow! in { } ) Playoffs Sox beat the Tigers (in a battle of my two favorite American League teams) Twins beat the Rangers (finally get past the first round) Sox beat the Twins World Series Phils beat Sox in 7. Because the World Series and 7 games go perfect together. Enjoy!

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