Saturday, September 19, 2015

Church Has Left the Building Campaign Sermon 2: Living Outside Barriers

Living Outside Barriers                                                         9/20/15

Psalm 2, Acts 2:1-47

2nd in the Church Has Left the Building sermon series

Barrier:  a material object or set of objects that separates, demarcates, or serves as a barricade

Barriers in the Psalm:

Human conspiring and plotting outside of God’s will

Assuming God’s plan is to bind with chains and fetters

That God does not know or that God will not be triumphant

Choice to not heed God’s warnings

Distance, as opposed to reverence and refuge


Barriers in Acts:

Vs 15  people incorrectly assume drunkenness instead of Spirit filling

Barrier:  closing ourselves off from the start to God’s work

Taking down the barrier:   Behold the works of God, use your eyes


Vs 17-21, 25-28, 34  Pentecost work easily fit the story that preceded it

Barrier:  not placing experience within context of God’s story

Taking down the barrier:  Know the Lord and his story, use your mind,


Vs 19-20, 40   God will judge all wrong, and we are to forsake what separates from God     Barrier:  being too worldly, unaware of God   Taking down the barrier:  Be aware and accountable, use your smell


Vs 26  We have been given the gospel, we are not hopeless

Barrier:  Hopelessness

Taking down the barrier:  Have a glad heart and sing, use your mouth


Vs 37  Hearing the gospel of salvation and repent of all that separates

Barrier:  not acknowledging when you are wrong

Taking down the barrier:  Believe in the Lord, use your heart


Vs 42-47  There are so many wonderful things to that Christians can do and be together.  Concentrate on these things.

Barrier:  breaking down community

Breaking down the barrier:  Love the Lord, use your hands and feet to serve community

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