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Church Has Left the Building Sermon Notes: Living Outside Our Fears

Living Outside Our Fears                                            9/27/15

Acts 4:1-31, II Corinthians 7:5-7

3rd in The Church Has Left the Building sermon series


Called to Live Outside our---Assumptions, Barriers, Fears


Fear:  unpleasant strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of


Profound reverence or awe of God


Fear of the Lord:

          Proverbs 1:7         :   The beginning of wisdom

          Ecclesiastes 12:13:   the whole duty of humankind

          Luke 12:5:  fear the One who has power over body and soul


Don’t Fear:

          Psalm 23:4: evil  (Acts 5 story of Gamaleil)

          Psalm 27:1, 56:4, Proverbs 29:25:  humans, this fear is ensnaring

          Psalm 46:1:  the ways of nature

          Isaiah 51:7:  the reproach of people (fault finding, disapproval)


What We Feel:

          Psalm 91:5:  God’s strength in the midst of difficulty

          Isaiah 41:10:  God’s help in the midst of rejection

          Isaiah 43:1:  God’s redemption in the midst of our distance

          I John 4:17:  God’s love overcoming our fear, and its punishment

          Hebrews 2:15:  Christ’s saving power for those enslaved by fear of



What Morning Scriptures Suggest for Living Outside Our Fears:

Acts:           --4:9            The Apostles knew what they did

                   --4:10                   Have their answer prepared, simple explanation

                   --4:14                   Let the story speak for itself   

                   --4:19                   Obey God, and when possible, people

                   --4:24                   prayer aware of God’s will and God’s word

                   --4:31                   being in community


II Corinthians:    --We are never in a perfect situation

                             --You are comfort

                   --Staying on message alleviates fears and moves us to


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