Friday, November 6, 2015

The Church Has Left the Building Sermon Notes: Living Outside for Good

Living Outside for Good                       11/8/15

Acts 10:1-48


Some Possible Common Elements of Moving Towards God’s Call

As seen through Peter’s vision story in Acts 10

Vs 14:  Objecting to God’s call by naming personal piety and


Vs. 15:  Paying attention to the voice that calls, even if that voice

               disagrees with what we find comfortable.

Vs 16:  Beware to heed when God speaks, and not assume we

             control the timeline for response

Vs 17:  Faith allows for wondering about what God is doing

Vs. 19:  Still wondering

Vs 21:  We takes step of faith even as we continue to wonder

Vs 28:  Taking the step creates the space to acknowledge and/or

             agree with what God is trying to teach us.

Vs 35:   We always learn and grow when we walk by faith

The Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ   (10:34-43)

·       Jesus is Savior for people from all nations

·       Jesus is Israel’s Messiah (and fulfillment of God’s promise to Israel)

·       Jesus is Lord of all

·       Jesus is humanity’s peace

·       Jesus anointed by God the Father

--validated by the Spirit’s presence

--with God’s power

--doing good

--healing the lost

--God was with him

·       Jesus dies on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins

·       Jesus rises from the dead on the 3rd Day

·       Jesus is seen by witnesses as alive

·       Jesus is Judge of the Living and the Dead


We are commanded to {preach} about him

We preach by our words, actions, thoughts

We preach together as a community by our love.

Conclusion:  We are to live outside the box.

Inside the box are those things which are dark, trapping and suffocating.







          --ourselves  (we are called to live outside ourselves by putting God first)

          We are invited to living outside of that way of life, in the way of life God calls us to:  for good.  God is good.

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