Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Church Has Left the Building Sermon Notes: Living Outside Yourself

Living Outside Yourself                            10/25/15

Acts 9:1-31


Living Outside:  Assumptions, Barriers, Fears, Materialism, Conflict, Rejection


Today:  Outside Yourself

          --putting God first

          --understanding who you are in light of what God has spoken

                You are a son or daughter of the King of kings.

                You are redeemed by Jesus Christ.

                You are a temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.

                We belong to God.

What lessons do we learn from the disciple Ananias?

1.  vs 10   He was a disciple

2.  vs 10   He is close enough to God that he responds when God calls

3.  vs 11   God has a specific job for him, one that involves details.

4.  vs 12   The person Ananias is to help is being prepared for his visit

5.  vs 13-14 Ananias’ excuses are very rational and reasonable

6.  vs 15   God the Father responds with “Go!”

7.  vs 15-16  There is a reason that Ananias is to help.

8.  vs 17   Ananias did what God commanded him to do.

9.  vs 17   Ananias announces in prayer the exact way that God will work

10. vs 18  Saul is helped because Ananias listened and obeyed.

11. vs 19  Saul’s life is restored and renewed because he listened to God.


Romans 14:  The Truth About Moving Outside of Yourself:

We are servants of God and will stand by God’s strength (1-4)

We live to the Lord (7-8)

We will be judged by God (9-12)

We should live our faith with our brothers and sisters in mind (13-15)

We should make every effort to work for peace and mutual edification (19)

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