Saturday, April 3, 2010

Congrats to Butler

I always enjoyed the movie Hoosiers, filmed on the campus of Butler University. Butler just won its game to advance to the National Championship Game. They will be playing this game in their home city. What a story! I'm watching the coach give an interview, he looks like he is 23 years old. And now a player, who looks about 15. When did I get so old???

Where art thou, O Kentucky? Kansas, where are you?
Hip Hip hooray for the little school called Butler U.
In a world of giants, sometimes a magical season comes.
Take on the giants, and be victorious, O little ones.

Hey, I never said I was a poet. You know it!

Go Butler. Now I will root for West Virginia, who has a player with the last name of Butler. Butler v. Butler. Lawyers everywhere would be proud must also be cheering for this matchup.

But I will not be awake for the next game, or at least, I hope I won't. I have to save my strength for Josh Beckett and the Sox to take on the Evil Empire tomorrow.

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