Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ryan Howard and the Pittsburgh Pirates

I want to join the many Philly Phans that are thrilled to have Ryan Howard connected to the team for the next 5-6 years. He is the man. Yes, he strikes out a lot. Yes, first baseman often break down in their mid-thirties. But who cares when someone is hitting 45 homers and driving in 135 runs. I mean, who does that year after year? Literally no one has each year for the past four years.

People have said that he stinks compared to Albert Pujols. Yes, I would say that Albert is the best overall player in the majors...but he is going to stay in St. Louis. (By the way, I love when guys, even Yankees, stay with one team for their whole career.)

And at the end of the day, if Pujols makes $30 million a season, and Howard makes $25 million, and Howard hits more homers and rbi's, but Pujols has better average and slugging percentage, I'm happy with Howard. Plus, $30 million for Pujols will be about 30% of the Cardinal's payroll, while Howard's pay is 16% of the Phillies. Are Howard's stats twice as bad as Pujols? If not, he is a great deal. And his deal allows the team to have a premier slugger and build a supporting cast.

My heart goes out to the Pittsburgh Pirates. I don't know how you turn it around. They have such a great city and a great stadium. I wish they could field a better team. I mean, Milwaulkee is crushing them. It isn't even close. How do you break cycles of dysfunction?

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