Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Baseball Predictions

I think there should be a website that holds prenosticators accountable. How well do the expert's predictions do each year? Do we just go on reading and listening to them, season after season without knowing if they have ever correctly predicted winners prior to the season?

Well, I'm starting with me. After the World Series, we will look back at this post to see how bad I did.

oh, I'm not an expert either. Just a fan.


Phillies, 91-71, 3 pennants for NL team since WW2 Cards?

Braves 89-73, good pitching...surprise.

Marlins 84-78, young talent...surprise.

Mets 81-81, Manuel takes fall...surprise.

Nats 71-91, Strasburg, 11 wins.


Cards 90-72, good pitching wins.

Cubs 85-77, good until final week of season.

Brewers 84-78, good hitting gets you 3rd place.

Reds 78-84, I'll believe it when I see it.

Astros 77-85, nothing to report

Pirates 63-99, great city and ballpark


Giants 87-75, great starters

Rockies 86-76, everyone's pick

Dodgers 85-77, pitching?

Diamondbacks 74-88, a stadium acronym of BOB...really?

Padres 71-91, we miss you Tony Gwynn


Sox 95-67 best rotation

Yanks 94-68 com' mon Rays

Rays 85- 77, I can't put them ahead of Yanks

O's 70-92, getting better?

Jays 68-94, getting worse?


Twins 88-74, solid all around

Tigers 86-76, hope they are successful

W. Sox 82-80, who knows?

Royals 71-91, Where have you gone George Brett?

Indians 66-96, trading away best players, traditionally not good strategy


Angels 85-77, kings until dethroned

M's 83-79, getting better

Rangers 81-81, believe it when I see it

A's 79-83, no passion, I mean me...for this team

Phils over Giants in 5: nailbiting

Braves over Cards in 4: last one for Bobby

Phils over Braves in 6: its 1993 all over again

Sox over Angels in 3: again

Yanks over Twins in 5: again

Sox over Yanks in 7: again. sorry hon, its going to be stressful.

Sox over Phils in 7: deeper rotation wins.

love to hear you predictions. see you in November.

oh, and who said anything about an east coast bias...Georgia is west of here, isn't it?

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