Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Trips From Las Vegas

Continuing my comments on our recent trip to Las Vegas...

We took two day trips that were outstanding: The Hoover Dam and the Valley of Fire State Park.

The Hoover Dam was a chance to tour the Depression's biggest public works project. Paying four dollars an hour to workers, with a ton of concrete being poured every 75 seconds. It was said that without the metal cooling sheets placed in between each pour, that the Hoover Dam would take 100 years to cool down. How crazy is that? The tour is fascinating, and the site of the Dam outside is breathtaking. There is even a tour in the original visitor center that had a model of the 7 western states and how the Colorado River has influenced development.

There is a bridge being built in front of the Dam that will connect traffic between Arizona and Nevada. The current traffic pattern was quite intense, as it winds its way up the mountain and over the Dam.

Our second trip was to the Valley of Fire State Park, 50 miles north of Las Vegas. This park is a stunning view and interaction with rock formations and mountains. We had a great time climbing the red rocks. The vastness is incredible with the mountains surrounding this Valley of Red Rocks. Simply beautiful.

Most people go to Vegas to gamble. But for Aurie and I, the sites of the strip were a distant third to the Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire State Park.

We saw a man checking out of the resort and the topic of the Hoover Dam came up. "Oh, I wish I had had time to see that". I kind of got the feeling that he probably did have time, but had used it on the strip. To each his own, but the reality is that he missed out.

If you have the chance, don't miss out on two beautiful, worthwhile and enjoyable experiences. You won't be throwing your money away!

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