Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Community Garden

Tolkien described the Hobbits as people who 'liked things that grow'.

Not that I am claiming to be a hobbit, but that description resonates with me. I want to be part of things that are growing. I want to see new life burst and spring forth around me.

This year, Stockton residents will be gathering at the Prallsville Mill grounds to grow our first Community Garden!

The Mill will be hosting the garden, with longtime Stockton historian and resident Karl Cathers acting as Master Gardener. The Environmental Commission will be networking volunteers who love gardening, or are ready to start loving to garden.

If anyone grows their own plants from seed, we would welcome vegetables and herbs come planting time. In April, we will coordinate a schedule for planting and maintaining the garden.

Thanks in advance for your excitement and participation!

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