Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Friend from Long Ago

Some of the stories special to me as I sell my book

Having moved back to the area where I grew up has been a delightful experience.   From time to time, I will drive and see places that once were familiar to me, and say prayers or have thoughts of the homes, years before, that I had spent time in.

I remember playing with Scott, who lived on Rock Road.  He moved away near the end of elementary school.   Years went by without thinking much about him, and through Facebook arose the chance to see his posts, including a delightful picture of him and his daughter.  A truly beautiful picture, one that makes you happy, knowing how happy it makes the people in it.

I had opportunity to sell my book at the Shad Festival last weekend.  Many thanks to the Lambertville Presbyterian Church for their kindness in letting me set up a table.

Well, sure enough, Scott walked up with his family.  He, and his love, their children, and grandma.  Yes, it took me a minute to put two and two together.  We took a few minutes to catch up on life's basics.  And they went on their way, enjoying a wonderful day at the Shad Festival.  Happiness came to me, and stayed throughout the day, by way of this wonderful moment.

The next day, I received a message from Scott.  Dana had read their book to the children that night.

What a special thing.  How deeply I feel gratitude.  I am grateful that this story went into a home of someone, who, when I was seven, was part of my childhood.  Thirty five years later, my daughter is seven.  And my love story to her is one that resonates with people throughout this land, including people like Scott.

Tonight, I finished an amazing book:  Marilynne Robinson's Home.  What an amazing book, and almost as good, in my mind, as Gilead.  Marilynne ends the book, with the main character acknowledging, "The Lord is wonderful".

I join in that truth as I think about life's friends:  the Lord is wonderful.

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