Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All the Way to Vermont

Some of the stories special to me as I sell my book

A Young Mother was touring the Village with her husband and child, who was a toddler.  They were a happy couple, though I could tell that the father was ready to move on when the mother stopped to inquire of my book.

She opened the cover and gasped with excitement:  "You are a believer!"  She had read my dedication page, which offers all glory to God.  I shared that indeed, I was.

Hurrying inside, she comes out with a book, and asks that I make it out to her husband:  This is going to be a Christmas gift for him.  And with that, she was off.

Later, I saw her and her family dancing to a Christmas Quartet that warmed the village with Christmas carols.  The three of them looked very happy.  I hope they are!

It was fun to consider that, with this purchase, my book made it to Vermont.  I know with Amazon and the internet, we are connected like never before.  But there is something about the book making its way throughout the world that is attractive to me.

A quick aside:  I didn't give too much thought to putting "glory to God" as part of my dedication.  As the Westminster Catechism reminds us:  It is our chief aim as human beings!   But is has come back to me again and again as I meet with people and talk.  Hopefully selling lots of copies, and dedicating to God's glory are not mutually exclusive, but the glory to God really does shape my thoughts.  My next story is of a young girl named Amanda.

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