Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Some of the stories special to me as I sell my book

Amanda was a sweet little child, happy and young.  Her face was painted by my friend LaNelle during the Spring Fling Festival at Peddler's Village.  She struck me as someone who would really get along with my children.  She was shopping with her mother.

After the mother purchased the book, I was signing it and in passing I mentioned her father.  The mother paused and looked at me and shared that Amanda's father was 'in heaven'.  You could tell that time, and the Lord, had brought some healing to them.  They spoke truthfully, and were able to continue conversation without change in their countenance.  All the while, I was praying that this book would be helpful for this family.

I wrote a message in Amanda's book, that she know the love of her family, those both near and far.  I hope that Amanda will stay close to the Lord all the days of her life, and will enjoy that day of God's resurrection, when she is reunited with her father.

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