Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Know This Grandma is Good on Her Word

Some of the stories special to me as I sell my book

Before Christmas, a grandmother purchased my book.  During our conversation, she revealed that she loves collecting Children's Books.  She has them in her home for when her grandchildren come to visit.  I easily imagined a warm and welcoming home, where this woman would welcome her children's children with open arms, and a safe space to be themselves and cuddle near with a good book.

I signed the book for her and all the generations that would gather in her home.   Just then, the woman's daughter yelled out, "Oh, hello Mr. Good".

"Mrs. Nelson!".

Well, my daughter's tutor's mother just bought my book.  Here I was offering words of blessing on this women's grandchildren, and it turns out I know them.  What a special moment that was! 

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