Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Hope They Are Well

Some of the stories special to me as I sell my book

One of the special sales I made was to a family with a young daughter with special medical needs.  It was one of those situations where the more you talked, the more you found out you had in common.

This family were foster parents to a medically fragile child. They foster in Pennsylvania, but we are in a similar program in New Jersey.  It was obvious the love they had for their daughter. 

We also shared a connection in that we both were graduates of Philadelphia College of Bible.  I was a few classes ahead of him, but he was pursuing pastoral ministry.

It is always delightful to find people that you share so much in common.  Our paths crossed on this day, and perhaps will not cross again in this world.  But it was delightful to share stories, to laugh together because of our firsthand knowledge of balancing church and children.  I wish peace upon the family.

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